Who Needs Timber Supplies?

Timber supplies are essential for many different occupations and professions. Once you get involved in the timber trade, you will find that it is a steady, recession-proof source of income that never goes out of fashion and is always needed by certain customers and traders. Continue reading to find out more about who and what they might use them for. 

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Interior designers:

Timber is a common material used by interior designers of all kinds to finish off their designs for new rooms or interior layouts. Many interior designers don't have the ability to buy everything ready-made. This is why they look for durable, affordable supplies to help bring their designs to life in their clients' homes. While they are most likely to search for MDF, they may also need more expensive, niche-specific luxury woods, especially for installation and complex pieces.


Carpenters are perhaps the most well-known users. They can transform any piece of wood into something extraordinary. Carpenters will need the widest range of timber supplies and will be the most loyal customers of any timber supply merchant. Carpenters are the best people to target if you want to sell timber supplies. They know more about timber supplies than anyone else.


Although builders don't require as many timber supplies or as much variety as carpenters, they are still a significant target market for any merchant. Builders will need timber supplies for flooring, beams, and joists. Therefore, they prefer large pieces of wood with minimal processing that is durable.