What Kind of Dust Collector Is Right for Me?

With so many different approaches to dust collection, you need experience to be trusted. We'll help you find the dust collection system that best suits your needs and at a price that fits your budget.

Bag with a collector – this collector is used the most, and for good reason. Filter bag collectors offer the widest application coverage and, when properly operated and maintained, provide the best overall performance. You can get information about thebest dust collectors via https://www.spraytech.com/dust-collection-systems/.

Ideal for use in a wide range of industries including power generation, industrial processing woodworking / milling, ferrous and non-ferrous metal manufacturing, smelting and processing, cement manufacturing, industrial boilers, boilers biomass, etc. .

Cassette collectors – Ideal for applications with light or fine dust and low to moderate grain loads. Some powders require minimal bending of the substrate during the cleaning process; thus, the collector cartridge performs satisfactorily in certain applications.

The standard cartridges can each hold filter media that is at least 350 square feet in size, allowing these devices to handle large airflow in a much smaller unit than a comparable bag. Higher temperatures or applications with abrasive dust and heavy dust can clog and damage light duty and cartridges.

Cyclone Collectors – These are often used as early stage collectors or pre-filters to remove large amounts of dust before being sent to first stage fabric collectors such as bag or cartridge collectors. By removing coarse particles from the gas stream and allowing the collector to remove only the finer particles at a later stage, the life of its network and filter collector is increased.