What Is A Cinemagraph? And Where Can You Find Them Online?

The term cinema graph is a combination of two words – cinematography and the phrase "photograph" which means to take a picture. Cinemagraphs are quick photos snapped with a camera and then transformed into an entirely new image through editing. They can be used for many purposes, but for their critics, these creations are often called "scary faceless people" or "Frankenstein." Find out more about this type of photography in this article!

What is a Cinemagraph?

These are new types of images that combine stills and motion to create a cohesive image. These are often used on social media as they are easy to share and often convey a sense of motion and life. You can find an Australian academy dealing in Cinemagraphic makeup if you are in real search of a professional academy.

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Types of Cinemagraphs and Examples

Cinemagraphs are images that are composed of two or more consecutive still images that have been edited together to create the illusion of motion. They can be created in a variety of ways, but some common methods include using a timer or camera app to pause the image between frames, or using software that allows for manual selection of still images. Cinemagraphs can be found online and in some digital photo printing services.


It is a fun way to add an element of surprise and humor to your social media posts. If you're not familiar with them, cinema graphs are pictures that have been split into two parts: the first part is a still image, while the second part is a video that plays continuously as you scroll through your Facebook or Twitter feed.