Top Safety Tips for Working With Agricultural Chemicals

A large number of chemicals are used in the agricultural industry for things like fertilizers and cleaning machines to clean or sterilize etc. So, here are some very basic security tips that should be common practice, but aren't always accepted.

1. Read the instructions carefully. While this may sound obvious, studies have shown that many people consistently fail to read the product's instructions for use and safety before opening and starting to use it.

2. Wear safety glasses when handling agricultural production in Australia. While not all will be harmful if they get into your eyes, many will. Even if you don't, it's a smart idea to keep the chemical away from your body and eyes.

3. Always wear gloves. There are two reasons. The first is to prevent the chemical from getting on your hands and then accidentally transferring it to food – whether it's yours or your pet's. The second reason is that it's not uncommon for hands to get sores and abrasions, and these are good entry points for chemicals in your blood.

4. In the same order of tips, always wear a mask when working with powdered chemicals. Even when they are grainy, they emit dust when handled, and it is always a good idea to keep dust out of the air ducts, especially if it is a chemical.

5. Keep chemicals away from pets unless specifically authorized for the use. Some animals will eat almost anything they can.

6. Don't let children play or handle the chemicals you store – at least not if they're young. The basic common sense precautions that are routine for you can be temporarily forgotten by children – no matter how hard you taught them beforehand.