The Three Basic Keys of Search Engine Optimization

With increased search engine optimization, there are many mind-blowing theories that are circulating about what will get you up high in the search engines. From having your keywords in bold font to having your text as close to the top of the page, along with the famous 3% – 7% keyword density rule, we can scrap them all since dropped down to three basic key points.

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1. Keyword Selection

The most important of the three is the keyword selection. If you end up selecting keywords that do not have / few searches, then you are simply wasting time by optimizing for them. There is no point in being ranked number one for a keyword when there is not a search for the term.

2. Good On-the-Page and Off-the-Page Structure

For on-the-page factors, making sure that there is a sufficient amount of text-based content, title tags and a strong internal linking between all web pages, is a good start. Title tags and content should contain keywords provided they are not "stuffed" into the text.

3. Incoming Links

Achieving the incoming links to your website has become more heavily relied upon factor in the last few years. Each incoming link is seen by search engines as a vouch from another site. More incoming relevant links you have, the more trusted your website becomes by search engines. This does not mean you can only get a lot of links from any site.