The Best Products For Taking Care Of Garden Turf

When you have purchased and placed your lawn and have a beautiful green garden, you need to consider how to maintain it.


Once you buy superior sapphire turf online and have laid it, new, healthy grass will grow quickly and you will need to mow it frequently if you want to keep a short, neat look. You should cut the grass as soon as it has embedded itself in the ground it was laid on, and the mower will not dislodge it. 

This will probably be two to five days after it was laid, and you should cut it when the grass reaches about 30mm in height. Your lawn will grow at various rates at different times of the year, and you should mow it as often as you need, without letting it get longer than you want it to. Cylinder and rotary mowers with sharp blades are the best products for keeping grass trimmed.

Irrigation and drainage

When your lawn is delivered, it should be a rich, healthy green color. If it doesn't get enough water, or too much, it can turn yellow or brown and begin to die. To help your lawn thrive, you must regulate the amount of water it receives. To ensure this, you need to apply water to the roots regularly. In new grass, the roots will be as deep as the grass is thick, deepening as the grass embeds itself into the soil where it was placed.


Lawn fertilizer should be applied to your soil before buying grass online, as grassroots in your garden lawn will grow deep into their original soil, searching for nutrients. A rotary spreader is a good product to invest in to ensure that the fertilizer reaches its entire shift, avoiding stains of different health levels and colors.

You can also buy herbicides and mosses to give your garden a clean, even look. These are the most important factors when it comes to taking care of the garden turn so that it remains healthy, orderly, and attractive.