Painted Wood Crates Are Perfect For The Home

Buying a home is very exciting and so is furnishing it. However, purchasing an assortment of furniture, accessories, and decorations for the home can also be rather expensive.

This is not to mention the fact that finding the perfect displays can be very time-consuming. Painted wood crates are one solution to both time and money issues. They come in various dimensions and no matter what size or color, they are inexpensive.

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Handmade Wooden Storage Box by AfriArtisan Designs

It can be difficult to display items like rag dolls, teddy bears, or even a single jar candle. The stuffed animals usually fall over when placed on a table or atop the entertainment center.

A jar candle display can look sparse if the jar is placed on a flat surface. A more attractive way to display items like these is to use painted crates. For a designer touch, select a color that complements what is being displayed.

Painted crates feature an octagon shape and range in size from small to giant. A small crate measures 11×8.5×6.75 inches, so it should fit into tight spaces around the home.

Each medium crate is 15.25x11x10 inches and large crates have dimensions of 21.5×16.5×13.25 inches. If none of these is big enough, consider the 27x19x16.5-inch extra-large crate or the giant crate that measures 34x24x20.