Nodding Syndrome In Northern Uganda

Amid a scorching summer afternoon in the shade of a drought-stricken tree, a fourteen-year-old boy abruptly stopped eating. He started staring into the distance, and his head began to nod for 8-10 minutes. This incident lasted around five minutes. However, it isn't the first nor is it the last time that a case of Oak.

It is described in the form of Nodding Syndrome, a kind of atypical seizure he is one of the numerous children of his neighborhood who suffer from this condition. Various social welfare organizations are providing aid to such patients you can also be a part of giving aid by visiting

The symptoms include nodding of the head that becomes worse with time and is caused due to exposure to cold weather and foods that you are familiar with, causing the condition to become more neurologic and cognitive as time passes.

If your pool is safe from intrusions such as those described above, you can maximize your pool's potential and utilize it in the way you like it to, particularly in hot or cold seasons because it also provides you with protection against cold or hot.

The route between Kampala through the Kitgum District is scenic, with the quiet stream making a soft background and a few some parts of the journey.

But, abruptly, the road became bumpy when our vehicle veered off on a dirt roadway and the only evidence of its existence were tire tracks left by the previous vehicle. It was a welcome to the center of Nodding Syndrome in Uganda.

Northern Uganda in February and March can still reach temperatures ranging from 85-95 degrees Fahrenheit. This, combined with torrential rains, and strong winds the two weeks which are difficult for survival.