Why Strip Mink Lashes Are Better?

False lashes have long since been popular with women the world over, but they've always had their struggles. From it being completely obvious that they were fake, to eyelashes falling from the eyes because of glue that didn't work properly.

Mink lashes are the most natural-looking of all the different types of eyelash extensions available on the market. They are very easy to curl and build because they are so soft. If you’re looking for more information about strip mink lashes check this out www.gladgirl.com/collections/individual-lashes.

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This means that they can be shaped into a look that appears both natural, but also very voluminous.

Mink lashes could be applied individually, but this is not as convenient as the strip lashes. Firstly, the individual lashes are much harder to apply by yourself and it is almost exclusively done in salons by beauticians. It's also a very time-consuming process that can take up to three hours in some cases. 

Strip lashes don't have these problems because they can be reused multiple times and they aren't as time-consuming to apply as the individual lash appointments will be.

Wearing a smokey eye a few times could lead to you losing all of your lashes if you choose to have them individually applied.

Far superior to any other type of lash extensions, it is clear that mink strip lashes are the new must-have for a glamorous look.