Laser Hair Removal – The Art of Hair Elimination

Phototrichollis, also known as photo epilation, is a light, laser procedure that is now available in cosmetic clinics around the world.

The laser hair removal method has received positive reviews and reviews from the dermatological industry for its efficiency, efficacy, long-term effect, and safety in removing unnecessary hair. You can also book cost-effective laser hair removal services in Hamiltononline.

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The final process of laser removal is known as selective photo thermolysis (SPTL), which is the basic principle for removing hair from the root of the skin.

The laser is specifically targeted at your skin’s melanin while, when performed by a licensed doctor, it shows controlled damage by integrating and selectively heating the areas of your body where hair growth should have stopped until it burns out and somehow burns off the rest. from your skin.

The chromophores in your skin, known as your skin’s dark matter, can absorb laser light at the required intensity and speed, ultimately removing hair.

Regardless of your gender, whether you are a man or a woman, laser hair removal can help you remove unwanted hair from your body for a long time. This hair removal system is usually performed on the chin, armpits, lips, shoulders, abdomen, earlobe, buttocks, pubic area, bikini line, thighs, face, hands, toes, neck, chest, arms, legs, and cleavage.