Battery Packs For Portable Power

Batteries can be found in different kinds, sizes and manufacturers such as rechargeable, non-rechargeable, lead acid, alkaline batteries and so forth. They could instantly, illuminate devices and can be of fantastic help in unforeseen situations. A battery is a combination of a couple of electrochemical cells that are used for converting the stored energy to electric energy. Batteries are extremely great for emergencies.

They are employed in headlights, hand lamps, spots, torches, penlight, and other similar appliances. They have high usefulness and therefore are extremely portable. You can explore custom pack enclosures for buying portable battery packs.

* Sealed Lead Acid Battery – This is also referred to as SLA battery and is rechargeable in nature. In fact, it can stay charged for up to 3 years. It can be of great help for a backup emergency power supply. Additionally, SLA batteries are not at all expensive.

* Nickel Metal Hydride Battery – Also known as Ni-MH battery. It has a 2.5 to 4 hours life. This sort of battery is very good for mobile computers, mobile phones, toys, and appliances etc. NIMH rechargeable battery has one more advantage; any unused power can be reused later.

* Lithium Ion Battery – Commonly known as Li-ion. It has the maximum energy capacity when compared with the above-mentioned batteries. It's stable and secure and is excellent for appliances such as computers, cell phones, toys and so forth. One benefit of those battery packs is they have a slow speed of self-discharge.

* Alkaline Battery – This battery is disposable in nature. It has higher energy density and longer shelf life. It is available in various sizes like A, AA, AAA and 9V.