When it Comes to Indoor Plants, these are the most Frequently Asked Questions


Indoor plants are known to be stunning and beautiful. Apart from the appearance indoor plants are also known to play a key role in offering mental boost, reduce noise pollution, reduce the temperature and more. One of the most common problem about indoor plant is they come in various types, shapes and sizes making it confusing for beginners to choose. So, in order to avoid the confusions, these are the most frequently asked questions on indoor plants.

  1. Can you name some of the best indoor plants? – You have a wide variety of indoor plants to choose from the likes of philodendrons, aspidistra, succulents, aglaonema, dracaenas etc.
  2. How do I care for my indoor plant? – Caring for your indoor plant will depend on the type of the plant. Some indoor plants require making a drainage hole at the bottom while others do not. So, the best way to care for your plant would be to understand the type.
  3. Can you tell me reasons that leads to the death of indoor plants? – The reasons for the death of indoor plants is not rocket science. Failure to underestimate the amount of water and lighting conditions, ignoring completely are some of the basic reasons.
  4. When do I invest in a new indoor plant? – Generally, indoor plants will grow for a period of 2 to 5 years before they die naturally. You can then invest in another indoor plant.

Make sure you understand these FAQs before you invest in an indoor plant. You may also want to consider plant hire in Melbourne.