Basic Rules of Ping Pong Game

The ping pong rules are simple to learn and are a useful game for a wide range of people. The ping pong tables have a short net in the middle and white markings. The marks are only used when playing ping-pong in pairs and can be skipped when playing solo. You can purchase a Jhoola ping pong table via

In a single game, you can serve from any seat on the table to any seat on the table. You must serve from your right to your opponent's right in a doubles game. 

The table must have a flat surface and the table tennis racket must have a rubber surface. Although the sandpaper paddle is occasionally seen, it is against the ping pong rules.

The game starts with a coin toss to determine who will serve first. It is possible to hit the net while bouncing off the table.

The first player serves two points before swapping. The game is decided by a score of eleven points or two points later. When the score reaches ten points, both players take turns serving until one of them wins. A match is formed when several games are played in a row, and let's say four out of seven games are won.

Players can play with either or both hands at the same time. You are not permitted to push or touch the table. If the ball collides with a wall, floor, or ceiling, it is out of play and a point is deducted.