Dermaroller For Hair Loss: An In-depth Guide

A derma roller is a handheld device with a cylindrical roller studded with tiny microneedles, usually made of titanium. A needle is used to make small clips in the skin. 

The needles penetrate the dermis deep enough to stimulate new cell production and increase blood flow. Due to their very small size, they cause minimal damage or pain to the skin. To get more information about the derma roller for scalp visit

derma roller for scalp

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Apart from curing hair loss, this tool is great for improving skin texture and treating acne scars as microneedles cause the skin to produce collagen. Dermarolling can be done at home, but more sophisticated forms of microneedles are performed by doctors such as dermatologists.

Like all treatments, the effectiveness of dermaroller varies from user to user. It also depends on how experienced a person is using a derma roller.

Clinical studies have shown that microneedles are effective in treating hair loss. It is safe for the scalp and hair and has also been shown to be more effective when combined with hair loss medications.

It is a very productive tool for overcoming the challenges of dealing with hair loss. However, according to the study of the use and results of derma roller, microneedle treatment is considered most appropriate for patients with androgenic alopecia.