Why People Choose Real Hair Extensions?

When we talk about genuine hair extensions, they usually refer to human hair, but the kind and where it comes from are crucial to the quality of the product and can affect the price too. In certain cases, it is possible that real hair extensions are made from human hair and animal or synthetic hair.

The disadvantages of synthetic hair

Whichever type of hair extensions you pick, you'll have hair that is natural-looking and behaves more naturally. How natural hair appears differs from synthetic. Synthetic hair is more likely to frizz and reflecting light may make it appear bright, but it can also cause knots and frizz and lose its straightness. This will occur less frequently when you have natural hair.

Natural hair extensions can be cut to look like real hair so that they appear as you like and are a part of your person.

Dropped Hair

Real hair extensions that are made from dropped hair are created from the remnants of cutting, and therefore may not last as long, and might be less durable in general. It's more affordable and can be purchased for a small amount in salons. Similar to other extensions, hair is purchased from the person who grows it. They may also need to cut their hair extremely short or completely to sell it. The price is higher.

Virgin hair or processed hair

It is also possible to purchase virgin hair that isn't treated or dyed in any way. This might be denser Asian or any other type of hair, it could be smooth, silky or even the style you prefer. The hair that has been processed could have been treated with various chemicals to bleach and condition it, but this can remove the cuticle layer, meaning it won't last for as long.