A Guide to Medicaid and How It Works

Medicare and Medicaid are currently the main programs that the government offers to seniors to provide health benefits. Medicare is the main program available to those 65 years and older and people with certain disabilities younger than 65. For seniors and those with limited incomes, Medicaid can be used to supplement the Medicare system. You can look for senior Medicaid services via https://pace-ri.org/primary-care-rhode-island/.

What is Medicaid? Who's eligible and is it free?

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It can be confusing to understand how Medicaid assistance works with so many plans and parts. Understanding Medicare's workings are crucial before you can understand Medicaid.

There are two parts to the program, known as Part A or Part B. Part A can be used without Part B, and vice versa, it is important to know if you are covered for each. Part A covers hospitalization insurance and Part B is for medical insurance.

Knowing what each part covers will help you better understand your benefits. Part A covers home health care, such as nursing home or hospital care. This part of Medicare's cost is determined by how much tax you have to pay throughout your life.

There is no monthly cost for Part A if you and your spouse have contributed enough money. If you haven't contributed enough money, Part A won't cost you a monthly fee.

Part B pays for preventive measures such as vaccinations and flu shots. The monthly premium for Part B, which is currently around $100 per month, will be always charged.