Benefits of Upgrading to LED Boat Lights

LEDs have made quite an impression on the boating community. Their high output, efficient operation, and cost-cutting and maintenance-reducing longevity have made them a favorite of boaters everywhere regardless of their vessel's make or size.

By now most boaters are well aware of the most common benefits to be had when installing LEDs in place of outdated incandescent light fixtures, but this awareness often is not very well rounded, and much of what makes LEDs so ideal is missed.

Below you'll find my top five reasons why upgrading your boats' lighting to LEDs is beneficial. Some of them you may already know, others you may not, and still, some might be more involved than you initially thought. Follow along as we go through them to learn more about what makes LED driving lights so great for your boat.

1. Efficiency

This is the big one and the one that is responsible for the greatest migration of boaters towards LED lighting. As just about any boater knows, onboard lighting can be a real headache when it comes to managing power consumption.

Just a pair of high-power halogen spreaders can drain batteries in a relatively short period of time, and the thought of running those in tandem with full-on cabin lighting at the same time can send a shiver down any skipper's spine.

LEDs take the worry out of power consumption and let skippers actually enjoy their onboard lighting the way it was meant to be used. With a typical LED boat light producing up to 90 lumens per watt compared to a halogen 17 lumens per watt, skippers can cut their entire power consumption from light use by up to ¾.

2. Longevity

Few things are as unenjoyable for a sail boater as having to climb a mast to replace an anchor or masthead light. It's even worse when you are talking about larger boats with very high masts and incandescent bulbs that can burn out or fail several times a year. Imagine, however, only having to replace these lights once every 5-10 or so years.