The Korean Way To Whiter Skin

If you want to have skin as white as Koreans, all it takes are six steps to help you get that flawless look. A Korean skin care regimen has a minimum of ten steps. Among these are cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing as well as sun protection and targeted instruments. If you want to have whiter skin, ensure that you use Korean skin care and K-beauty products.

If you want to have glowing white skin, the first thing you should learn is the proper way of cleansing. By this, we mean being able to determine the right cleanser that strips your skin off impurities and harmful residue from the environment without causing your complexion to dry.

The word Koreans use for this is lotion, but it basically performs similar duties: to cleanse what dirt is left on your skin thoroughly and condition it for the next set of concentrated treatments to come. Simply pour a few drops of the toner on a cotton ball and you're all set!

Compared to your ordinary moisturizer, a serum is more potent. Go for a whitening serum that comes with high GenActiv levels as they can aid in arresting the melanin cycles of the skin to make it more white and even in tone.