What Is The Ultimate Guide To King Size Bed Frames?

King-size bed frames are a great way to maximize space in your bedroom. Whether you're moving into a new home, or just want to change up your bedroom, this article will give you all the information you need on buying and caring for these beds. 

King-size beds are made of solid wood and are the largest size in most American bedrooms. They fit at least two people but usually provide more room for three or more. The bed frame itself will basically be the same as a queen-size bed, but any additional furniture that fits on top of it will increase the width of the bed. 

Our bedroom should be about 15 percent of the floor area of our house. This is your space to relax and get ready in the morning, so make it feel welcoming to you and your partner. If you are looking for a king bed, visit housethings.com.au/collections/dining-chairs.

queen bed

If you live in a small townhouse or condo, you may have a smaller bedroom, but 15 percent will still be worth considering. Even if there are just a few square feet remaining, take an extra room somewhere else in the house if possible before settling on 365 square feet as your minimum.

There's no need to go shopping for a new king-size bed frame when you can rely on this guide to help you choose the perfect one. Whether you're looking for a traditional bed frame with a headboard and footboard, or one that is more contemporary in design, our ultimate guide will help you find the perfect option for your needs.