Tips For Replacing Honda Suspension Bushings

For those of you who have had to get your Honda fixed at a shop, you know just how time-consuming it can be. Luckily for you, there are some tips on replacing honda suspension bushings with parts from a local auto parts store that might make the process go a lot smoother.

Honda suspension bushings are one of the most commonly replaced components on Honda vehicles. These bushings help to keep the Honda suspension system in alignment and allow for a smooth ride. If you are interested to buy honda suspension bushings, then it is recommended to contact

If you’re experiencing excessive hop, bouncing, or shuddering when driving your Honda, it might be time to replace your suspension bushings. 

1. Check your manual to see if your car requires any type of special tools or adjustments to replacing the suspension bushings. Many Honda models require using a special wrench or impact gun to remove and replace the bushings. 

2. Remove the front and rear suspension arms from the vehicle by removing the bolts that hold them in place (these bolts are usually located on either side of the axle). Be sure to label both arms so that you can reinstall them correctly later on.

3. Once both arms are removed, it is now possible to access the suspension bushings. On most Hondas, these bushings are held in place by springs and

Locate the bushing(s) that need to be replaced. On some Hondas, the bushings are located in the upper and/or lower control arm mounts. Others may have them in the rear shock absorber mount or at the axle location.