Popular Gemstone Colors For Elegant Look

The color of this gem depends on the wavelength of the incandescent light and the chemical bonds that exist in the gem. In sunlight, Alexandrite exhibits a moss-like turquoise color, but when viewed under an incandescent candle or lamp, it turns into a pretty raspberry hue. 

Click to read more about this transformation which is known as the alexandrite effect. It is the result of chemically blending chrysoberyl, the rare mineral oxide, and chromium. The beautiful color of alexandrite comes from chrome.

Another factor to consider is the clarity and quality of the gemstone are cut. It is believed that the alexandrites found are of better quality and color, which makes them more expensive. Most of the alexandrites are sold for under 1 carat because the larger sizes are too expensive for most people.

Despite the relatively short history of this interesting gemstone, many mystical and magical properties have been attributed to it. This is a rare and beautiful gem and a wonderful gift for a loved one in June with a birthday.

The gemstone is exotic, rich, and rare, shows the social status of women, which is identical to all eyes. The gemstone is mixed with diamonds and used as bracelets, rings, and other beautiful jewelry, which can even be combined with pearls.