Save Money On Your Wedding Flowers

Flowers can make the brightness of marriage but can also cost a bit of money just! The best way to save money on your wedding flowers is to make flower arrangements, and bridal flower crown arrangement yourself. If the idea of entrusting your floral design to your own inexperienced abilities scares you, here are some suggestions that can help you save money without worry!

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Take a class

Many art colleges and centers offer evening classes floral arrangements to help you learn the basics of organizing flowers for yourself! local craft stores often offer similar courses as well.

Silk flowers

Silk flowers can make wonderful wedding bouquets, and can also be cheaper than real flowers, especially if you want flowers that are out of season. But the biggest bonus is that you can arrange and rearrange them in advance, and you have enough time to work there until it's perfect!

Find a professional

Have you or your fiance had a friend or family member with a floral experience? Request around you! You may find that someone you know, knows someone who is a retired florist!

Or visit a seniors center in the region, they may have suggestions as well! A florist in retirement often offers their services at a much lower cost, and whether they are friends or family, they may be willing to do it for free!

Many craft stores have sites with craft projects and ideas, including wedding arrangements!They carry a selection of more than 20 bouquets with full installation instructions online!