Where Do Family Primary Care Physicians Work?

Family primary care physicians (FPCPs) are typically found in larger metropolitan areas, as they offer a wealth of help to patients without the added stress of having to see several different doctors. They may work in a variety of settings, such as hospitals, clinics and private practices.

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What they do:

FPCPs are often experts in treating common illnesses and injuries, and may also be able to provide preventive care and guidance on healthy living. They can also refer patients to specialists when needed.

How much they earn:

According to the National Association of Family Physicians, the average FPP salary was $166,000 in 2016.

How can Family primary care physicians help you?

Family primary care physicians (FPCPs) are your go-to health care providers for all things family-related. From flu shots to screenings for childhood conditions, FCPPs can help you stay healthy and happy. Here are a few reasons why you should consider working with an FCPP:

FPCPs are familiar with your family's medical history. They know what's normal for your kids, which means they can spot potential problems early on and refer you to the right specialists if necessary.

FPCPs can provide general health advice and guidance. They might suggest ways to improve your diet or recommend regular screenings for diseases like cancer.

FPCPs have access to a wide variety of medical resources. If something serious comes up, they'll be able to get you the treatment you need fast.