Health Tips to Prevent Illness During Winters

Winters are very cold and this season brings a lot of illness along with it. Diseases like flu, cough, cold, and fever are most common to spread. The temperature gets so low in winters that people easily catch illnesses. This is the reason why one needs to take special care of their health during winters. Especially, if you have old age people or kids at home. You can easily ensure your family is safe and healthy,consultfamily practice physicians at Coastal Family Medicine.

Here are a few common health tips that people must follow during winters:

– Wear warm clothes and save yourself from exposure into extreme cold weather like rain or snow. This can immediately get you sick. Always carry an umbrella with you and avoid going out unnecessary.

– Eat warm and healthy food. Drinking-vegetable soup is very important in winters. It helps you boost your immunity and get cozy. It gives you warmth from inside and helps to defeat any disease like cold and cough.

– When you get sick, consult a doctor immediately and stay away from old age people and kids specially. Their immune system is not as strong as an adult and they can easily catch viruses from you. Coming n direct contact with them must be prevented.

What Causes Hyperthyroidism Problem?

Thryroid is one of the problem that is faced by many people today. Thyroid is caused due to hormones in our thyroid gland. It can be a normal issue but also sometimes leads to a life-threatening cancer in some cases. You must always get a regular checkup done on a monthly basis in order to make sure your body is fine. You can schedule an appointment at and get a regular checkup done. 

Thyroid is not caused due to one reason. Like the other disease or problems, thyroid can be caused due to various reasons. Here are a few causes of hyperthyroidism:

– Graves’ Disease: This is one of the reason for thyroid. This causes too much production of thyroid hormone leading to thyroid problem.

– Toxic Adenomas: Another cause where nodules develop in our thyroid gland leading to secretion of thyroid hormones. This upsets out body chemical balance and leads to thyroid problem. 

– Subaute Thyroiditis: There is an inflammation in the gland that causes it to leak thyroid hormones leading to thyroid problem. 

– Pitutary Gland Malfunction: The pituitary gland is does not function properly or if any cancerous cells grow in our thyroid gland it results in thyroid problems.

One must be aware about the symptoms of thyroid. If they start to appear, one should instantly walk to a doctor and start with the treatment.