All about Travel and Tour in Malaysia

A country in South East Asia, Malaysia is an important tourist destination. Shooting into prominence with the slogan "Malaysia, Truly Asia", It is registered an upsurge in tourism in recent years. While the capital city of Kuala Lumpur enjoys its own significance, other parts of Malaysia also have much to offer.

With breathtaking picturesque scenery on one hand and skyscrapers on the other; Malaysia is a perfect combination of Nature and development. Malaysia Vacation Packages are among the most sought tour packages on travel and tourism websites. All kinds of Malaysia Tour Package are available today to choose from. If you are looking for a tourist visa in Malaysia then you can visit

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Truly you can relax and enjoy your vacation to the fullest in Malaysia. It is an idyllic tourist destination and it always welcomes every tourist with an open arm. The stunning beaches, green sprawling hill stations, historical and modern cities, splendid mosques and historical monuments easily offers a bliss vacation.

When planning a tour in Malaysia, the best part is that you decide what kind of experience you want to have. You can visit the tropical forests and mountains or the beautiful beaches of the country. If you are an adventure seeker and you love nature, try trekking in the Malaysian rain forest, which is considered the top 10 most beautiful rain forest in the world.