All About Civil Engineering

Engineering services include extensive experience and expertise in architecture and construction to provide you with solutions that combine creativity, functionality, and cost.

Outsourcing of key public services such as rainwater management system design, sewer system design, drainage plans, erosion details, hydrological reports, parking lot layout, reports, road and pipe profiles, road design, site classification plans, flow bypasses, design subdivisions, useful terrain modeling, and layout.

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The success of land development projects – from single-family homes to planned urban communities to industrial estates – depends on engineers and engineering firms and requires them to understand the basic needs of the project.

In addition, technical training is required to perform services such as planning and designing of water supply, sewage disposal, paving and drainage systems, and platform preparation. Our skilled engineers are very familiar with the intricacies of building codes in cities in many states. Provision of services at:

  • Departmental development and layout
  • Storm sewer system design
  • Design of sewer and sewage systems

Engineering Services are a seamless extension of our customer's architectural and engineering fields, using the availability of highly qualified and trained architects and engineers in India and achieving considerable economies of scale in a short period of time. We work with our customer engineering team to develop innovative design solutions in an environment where the customer has complete ownership of the solution from the start.