How can a 3D Product Configurator Help E-Commerce stores?

From a business perspective, when shoppers are able to view their products from various different angles and views, it solves a lot of the retailer’s problems. These problems can be of varying degrees and types including:

  • Receiving bad reviews from buyers
  • Frequent shopping cart abandonment
  • High rates of product returns
  • Low sales
  • Inventory overload

All of the above issues occur when the shoppers are unable to gain a full understanding of the product design by only viewing the pictures and a description on the website. However, now with a product configurator, all these unpleasant outcomes can be prevented. You can find the best e-commerce product configurator via

web based product configurator

Here’s why E-Commerce stores should add a 3D product configurator to their site:

1) Enhances Customer Experience & Satisfaction

The 3D product configurator opens up a lot of opportunities and avenues for product customization. This way the consumers can design and view the products exactly the way they want.

How does this actually work? The consumers are offered a base model of the product that has several changeable features. In just a few clicks, these features can modify the product according to the consumers’ personal needs and preferences.

2) Shortens Sales Cycle & Reduces Return Rates

The 3D Product configurator allows consumers to spend some time with their product and apply different features to it. By the end of it, they are already educated enough regarding the merchandise. 

They will now have fewer or no questions regarding the item to a sales representative. This automatically eliminates all the needs for any transactional calls and consequently shortens the sales cycle.

3) Increases Revenue

The best part of using a 3D product customizer is that you can charge more for personalized products. You can also charge higher for a few specific options, more than others. It is completely at your discretion. Consumers are always willing to pay extra bucks for products that are unique to them.