Alternative Dispute Resolution And Family Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute settlement system is not a new phenomenon for people in this country; It is always widely used in India. The old dispute settlement system has played a role in resolving family-related disputes, social groups, and small disputes related to trade and property. If you are looking for the best alternative dispute resolution services visit

Village level institutions play a major role in which disputes are resolved by elders in the caste or tower and Panchai systems, informal mediation forms. In the past, disputes rarely went to court. 

The decision of the senior council is respected by everyone. But then, accompanied by Bain, the system itself lost its aura. Delay with the administration of justice, especially in commercial and family disputes, causes tremendous financial difficulties and losses for the parties. 

To reduce delays in resolving disputes, governments and courts promote settings or consulting or arbitration procedures that are part of ADR. At present, life is a circus in the 21st century which is fast. 

The proliferation of special gender laws and repressive social practices for centuries has denied the justice of women and the human rights of India. The legal affairs committee also emphasized the 59th report (1974) that the court must take a very different approach in dealing with family disputes than in ordinary civilian processes and that the court must make a reasonable effort to solve them. 

However, the court does not benefit much from the introduction of this arbitration system and the court continues to handle family disputes in the same way as other civil cases and the same hostility approach applies. Therefore in the public interest to establish a family court for settlement of rapid disputes.