Using Dead Sea Salts To Help Your Acne

If you ache from blemishes and acne, you may see yourself trying to find a way to erase. If you have exhausted maximum avenues, or are watching for a simple resolution, free from severe elements, have you heard Dead Sea Salts?

The Dead Sea has always been a popular tourist destination, due to the therapeutic properties of water. The Dead Sea contains ten times more salt than any other seawater in the world and as such, is so dense, which is why you can float in it. To know more information about dead sea salts, you can visit

dead sea salts

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People have been visiting the Dead Sea for natural therapies since ancient Egypt and salts are used today in many bath salts, skin creams, washes, soaps, and compensation products of acne.

The beauty of these Dead Sea salts is that they contain:

– no detergents

– no chemicals

– no animal fat

They are completely free from sulfates and lanolin and because they are, they irritate 100% chemical-free, an important point in dealing with the delicate skin, inflamed acne ailments.

The salts contain 21 different minerals highly concentrated, including magnesium, potassium, and calcium, which make them extremely effective in acne clearing, spots, as well as psoriasis and eczema.

You will find a wide range of masks, soaps, scrubs and cleansers, all specifically designed to gently help clear your skin. These products work in three ways:

– they clean the skin

– they protect the skin

– they renew the skin cells