Auto Cleaning Supplies You Need in Your Garage

Regardless of the condition of your vehicle, a clean car always looks better than a dirty one. Whether you have a place to wash your car at home or prefer to do it in a car wash, there are several consumables that can easily transform a clean car into a genuine car.

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After washing the interior and exterior of your car normally, you should purchase and use the following consumables that are easy to find to equip auto parts.

Chamois – Often misspelled as "fiction", the chamois leather towel is the preferred tool for drying wet vehicles. In combination with a water knife, a chamois can be used to effectively dry your car before stains form on your paint.

Tire / wheel cleaners – Companies offer cleaners and guards – both wax and spray – that can help keep your tires and wheels shiny and protect them from bad brake dust and road debris. The method of application varies depending on the product.

Foam Glass Cleaner – Windows are one of the most difficult parts of your car to clean (at least the visible part). Your car's paint can shine with conventional washes, but annoying damp stains remain on dry windshields with even the most meticulous work.

Car Wax – What sets an average clean car apart from a professionally cleaned car is a good wax mask. Not only does car wax give the shine that soap and water can't, but it also protects the transparent coating that adheres to your car's paint.