All About The Concrete Services In Los Angeles

Over time, concrete walls, beams, or floors will crack and this should not be taken lightly. Concrete service professionals will always remind property owners that cracks are a sign of a structural problem.

There are DIY kits that enable the injection of epoxy to treat fissures. However, factors such as fracture width, wall thickness, water availability, and other factors determine whether epoxy or polyurethane should be injected. Such conditions also determine how long the injection must take to heal. You can also opt for the best concrete services in Los Angeles.

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The fundamental procedures that concrete service specialists follow while injecting low-pressure fractures are listed below.

1. Injection port installation

A short, rigid, flat plastic tube called a surface port is required as an entry point for the epoxy to penetrate the crack. Drilling is not a good method as it can cause more damage and then cleaning is required.

2. Cover the surface

Open cracks and surface openings are sealed with epoxy glue. Under injection pressure, this paste may seal surfaces with good adhesion after hardening in 20 to 45 minutes. Cover any cracks that are now visible with paste.

3. Epoxy injection into the gap

The concrete contractor begins injecting the epoxy at the lowest point of the wall until the epoxy comes out of the opening above. This is a sure sign that the gap is being filled to the highest level. 

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