Information About NCR Paper

NCR paper is short for non-carbon copy. Also known as free carbon paper or CCP copier. This carbon free paper is alternative carbon paper used to copy handwriting or original prints without using electronic devices. You can also get the best NCR paper via

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Before consumers find carbon-free carbon paper, they write documents several times or use carbon paper. Carbon paper is placed between paper and copies. This method pollutes the user's fingertips. With carbon free paper, many copies of handwriting and printed documents can be made easily & clean.

The advantage of non-carbon paper is that it is a free alternative for gradable and carbon free papers. NCR is the first to make this product and call it carbon free paper (NCR) an abbreviation of the national cash register.

Carbon-free photocopy paper consists of sheets coated with coloring ink or microensulation and reactive clay. The first part of this film is covered with micro insulation paint. The bottom sheet is covered with clay, which reacts quickly with stains and creates a permanent sign. The leaves are immediately covered with clay at the top and painted at the bottom.

When someone writes on carbon-free photocopy paper, the pressure from the writing room causes a broken microcapsule and the coloring of spill. The capsules are very small so the impression given is very precise.

This paper can be used in dot matrix printers and output printers where the impact of the head releases the dye to interact with sound. Carbon-free copy paper is available in the independent version.