Know About the Types of Mushrooms

With more than 38,000 types of mushrooms, everyone who is crazy about mushrooms will have a choice. You can buy dried mushrooms online at

Take a look at the specifics of some of the most popular strains and some useful tips for creating your favorite tension.

Agaricus Mushroom

Better known as button mushrooms or white mushrooms, this is the most commonly used variety. They are abundantly fresh, frozen or canned in any supermarket. The Agaricus mushroom has a slight aroma when eaten raw, but its aroma increases when cooked.

Shitake mushrooms

Originally grown only in Japan on natural oak, shiitake mushrooms are now available in large grocery stores throughout the world. Big shiitake mushrooms and black-brown have a rich earthy taste. Dried Shiitake has a stronger aroma and is often preferred over fresh varieties. They are usually used in soups and fried dishes.

Mushroom portobello

Large, round, flat portobello mushrooms can sometimes reach normal sized hamburgers. They have a thick and chewy texture and are an excellent choice for baking and grilling.

Pleurotus fungus

Pleurotus mushrooms, also known as oyster mushrooms due to their extraordinary taste, are available in colors from almost white to various shades of brown. The texture is more suitable for cooked dishes.

Morel mushrooms

Highly valued, at the price of root, this cone with honey-combed surface is in great demand for the season and the sauce with a strong earthy taste. Morel mushrooms are small and dark brown in color and can also be used for stuffing.