Key Responsibilities Of Business Analyst

A business analyst is a vital link between a company’s business objectives and IT. They facilitate communication between stakeholders, project teams, and developers to execute projects, cut costs and improve quality. A business analyst defines, prioritizes, and gets feedback and approval on business requirements. 

Business analysts play a critical role in business. They understand the needs of both the business side and technical side and often serve as “translators” between management and IT. If you want to hire a business analyst for your business then you can visit

Here are some key functions of a business analyst:

  • Assess business needs by communicating with management and staff directly, and by conducting surveys and workshops with stakeholders.

  • Understand how technological solutions are implemented and create a plan that efficiently uses them to achieve business goals.

  • Create detailed business analyses, define business requirements, outline problems, and brainstorm solutions for operational and technical changes.

  • Work in cooperation with project managers and communicate the progress of projects to stakeholders.

  • Track and validate solutions, and measure the value of the changes to the organization for further improvements or refinements.

They generally collect all the data which is business-related and then combine it and form conclusions about what is good for the business and what is not. In this way, they make the progression faster and easier.