Industrial Mortgages And Commercial Mortgage Finance in Ontario

Commercial mortgage finance in Ontario includes several property categories and is a specialized field of financing. Each type of commercial financing involves not only different types of financing but also different types of properties and verification methods.

Commercial mortgages can be complex so it is risky business for an individual to go directly to a lender for one of these mortgages because there is so much involved over the course of the closing that the chances of not satisfying all of the lender's conditions are high.

Even mortgage agents and brokers turn to commercial mortgage brokers who are specialists in commercial mortgage finance in Ontario to ensure a solid approval and smooth closing for their clients. You can also contact a commercial mortgage broker at

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The property and mortgage financing types that fall under the commercial finance umbrella are:

  • Apartment Financing
  • Health Care Facilities Financing
  • Industrial Mortgage Financing
  • Warehouse Financing
  • Retail Structures Financing
  • Office Complex Financing and more.

Each property type will require different financing, with different requirements and conditions.

Where industrial mortgages and commercial mortgage finance in Ontario is concerned and because of the nature of the use of the property, industrial mortgages tend to be harder to locate and secure than typical commercial mortgages – for the average Mortgage Broker or Agent.