Can arch supporting flip flops be used instead of foot orthotics?

Flat feet are a very frequent problem and are commonly not always an issue. Flat feet may raise the chance for other conditions developing and may turn out to be painful on its own. Because of this, flat feet is usually treated to help these symptoms and perhaps to stop disorders from developing. The commonest treatment for flatfoot are usually foot orthotics or inserts. These may be possibly the mass-produced premade variety that is picked out to match the shape and needs in the foot or they could be of the bespoke variety that is manufactured from an optical scan of the feet and is accurate for the requirements of that individual. The studies shows that the outcome involving the custom and off-the-shelf style of foot orthoses is generally approximately the same. However, in the clinic, what exactly is the best for every individual are not the same. Usually the using foot supports could be combined with the use of exercises.

You can find options and many inquire if the mid-foot (arch) support which is built-in flip-flops, much like the Archies brand name coming from Australia might be part of a replacement for foot orthotics. In Australia, they will name flip-flops, thongs. The Archies model offer an arch area that is built into them that is approximately the same size as well as shape of the commercially ready arch supports that you can buy non-prescription in stores. Given that they are really similar, chances are they quite possibly might be employed interchangeably. Mild cases of flat feet are generally handled with the over-the-counter arch supports, so they really quite possibly can be handled with flip-flops much like the Archies thongs as a substitute.

The challenge that could arise is if the flat feet are particularly significant and much more substantial support is needed to deal with it, particularly when it can be painful. In these instances the non-prescription arch supports or the Archies thongs defintely won't be enough and a bespoke foot orthotics is usually necessary. You should speak to your healthcare professional regarding the solutions in these cases. Having said that, these flip flops are still advantageous as a lifestyle option whenever you need foot supports. Due to footwear options are crucial once you need to use foot inserts or foot orthoses, your option as to the array of shoes may be reduced. Using the flip-flops like the Archies using the arch support, mainly in the warmer areas whenever you don't want to wear footwear could be a great option. Alternately in between using the foot orthotics in supportive footwear and the Archies flip flops will make practical sense and also be helpful. As always, talk with with your treating health professional as to the best choices here prior to doing a lot of physical activity in one or another.