Benefits Of All Terrain Crane Hire In Sydney

As the name suggests, an all-terrain crane is made for use on all different types of terrain and is also operational in varying weather conditions. An all-terrain crane is a hybrid between rough terrain cranes that are designed to be used on the unaltered ground and pick and carry cranes that can be used to lift and transport loads a short distance.

Some of the benefits are: 

High mobility and maneuverability

One of the advantages of all terrain cranes hire is their superior mobility and maneuverability. With all-wheel suspension and the ability to move both on and off-road, even between construction sites and on the unchanging ground, all-terrain cranes are the best in terms of mobility and maneuverability.

Excellent load capacity and height

All-terrain cranes are highly flexible machines with load capacities ranging from 40 tons to 1000 tons. In addition, the all-terrain crane can lift loads up to a height of 150 meters. Whether you're lifting a large sofa in a fifth-floor apartment building or a precast concrete slab, the all-terrain crane gets the job done quickly.

High walking speed

Another advantage of the all-terrain crane is that it is also a roadworthy vehicle. This significantly reduces travel costs as the crane can be driven to the construction site. And not only off-road on public roads but also has a capacity of almost 90 kilometers per hour so it can quickly reach any workplace.

Security enhancement

Another advantage of all-terrain with a crane is increased safety at work. This is due to the car's long and high windows, which allow maximum views of the workplace from each lift. In addition, the all-terrain crane's ergonomic cab is equipped with air conditioning so the driver stays awake and focused on every lift.