Get Beautiful And Unique Designs With African Print Fabrics

Over hundreds of years, the African traditional dress has consisted of garments made from brightly colored, exquisitely designed cotton print fabric.

100% cotton

Cotton is a wonderful fabric. It is durable and can last for many years, even when used daily. Absorbent: Cotton is able to absorb both natural and synthetic dyes, creating vibrant colors that last for years even with daily use. This is why the finest quality African print dresses are made entirely of cotton.

Traditional printing methods

Natural dyes were used by ancient textile designers to make their fabrics. They were made from soils and mineral peats that had been dug deep beneath the ground. The huge vats are filled with deep pepper reds and brilliant indigo, as well as amazingly vibrant saffron.

Receptacles to hold white cotton swathes. Use stones or shells to tie the cloth. This creates some of the most beautiful tie-dye fabrics in the world. It is still being used today.

Hand-carved wooden blocks with intricate designs reflect the natural environment. The cotton is hand-printed using fish, birds, and trees. The amazing combination of colors used to make a textile print is what makes African textiles so African. A successful print design often uses three to four different colors.

– Black, white, and hot pink

– Blue and yellow, as well as orange

– Black, grey, and red/brown

These are just a few examples. These color combinations may not sound appealing to western eyes. But, when an African designer creates a new design, the results are far more impressive than anyone could have ever imagined.

African fabrics are versatile and beautiful. They also have a rich history.