Set your Room With Game Theme

A neon sign adds a cool, unmistakable glow in any home bar or gaming room. Many home bars feature the dartboard or pool table. But the best thing about a room is the Wave Lights with neon signs.

When plugged in, neon signs emit a neon gas that comes to life in a range of colors. The light will instantly fill your room with bright, vibrant colors. Tell your guests about your favorite team. Your guests can be welcomed to the Tiki Bar, or tell them where to find the billiards. 

You can have your sign printed with a picture or a message of your choosing. There are companies that can create custom neon signs for your home or gaming room.

Imagine a neon clock hanging on your wall. Bar time is something everyone knows, but bar time can be displayed in the glow of your favorite car or team or even a movie star. There are many options. You could put a simple store motto on the wall, or you could make a fully-colored sculpture.

It doesn’t matter what, make sure it stands out for everyone. They would first notice the classic glow of the neon clock when they entered the room.

Although neon signs were expensive at the time they first appeared on the market they are now much more affordable. These signs were originally used by businesses to draw customers to their stores. They are still in use today. 

However, the low price makes it possible to hang one in your bar or home game room. While these neon signs are cool, the basic principles remain. A cool neon sign can give a room certain energy that everyone enjoys.

They are unmistakably entertaining and will become the topic of conversation for everyone in the room.

Neon makes signs stand out, no matter what they are. Are you proud of a sign you love? You might consider having your sign embellished with neon. With custom neon signs, this is now possible.