Reduce Waste And Save Environment With LastSwab Beauty

LastSwab Beauty is a reusable environmentally sustainable and safe alternative to cotton buds and swabs. With a sharp tip specifically made for applying makeup and cleaning spaces that are tight, our makeup cotton swabs should be a necessity to have in your bag for makeup!

Reusable Makeup Cotton Swab:

LastSwab beauty can be a reusable and eco-friendly alternative to cotton swabs. With sharp tips, it's specially designed to be used for precise makeup touch-ups as well as cleaning tight areas.

LastSwab Beauty Sea Fan Red

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Easy to Clean and Reuse:

LastSwab Beauty is cleaned at hand using detergent and water. It can be reused at least 1,000 times. It's durable and safe for the environment and you.

Reusable Toddler Cotton Swab:

This LastSwab Baby is a reusable and environmentally sustainable alternative to cotton swabs that are only used once. The ends are created with the ideal form and dimension to stop an insertion that is too deep, making sure your child is safe from injury.

Top-Quality Danish Design:

LastSwab Baby comes in a high-quality case made from recycled ocean-bound Plastic. It is easy to keep in your bathroom, your child's bag, or to take on your travels.

The LastSwab is biodegradable and eco-friendly which includes the swab, case as well as the case it is packaged in. There are a variety of colors available for both beauty and regular swabs. Some of them include blue, turquoise, green coral, magenta white, yellow, and black. The various colors are handy when you're taking an excursion with family or friends – each of you will have the color of your choice. It's convenient to take with you everywhere you go, or even to keep at your home.