Procedure For Spouse Visa

If the holder of a spousal visa really hopes to get more permanent status, then it must take advantage of another provision, one that is associated with document K-3. You can also get help from various immigration consultants via and get the spouse accordingly. 

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Men and women who hold these documents may apply for a work permit. The holder of a work permit may seek and ultimately employment. In this way, it can better prepare for the next series of steps that are described below.

The first of these steps must be completed by the non-immigrant spouse. He or she should use the foreign parent form I-130 to file for immigration to Canada Citizenship and Immigration Service. 

Once this form has been filed, the married couple must wait for the I-797, Notice of Action. After receipt of the Notice of Action, the couple must make arrangements for the spouse to file an I-129F.

During the deposition of I-129F, the I-797 must be part of the submission package. This should pave the way for programming a medical examination. The man or woman who seeks a spouse visa must schedule a medical examination.

The results of the review will be sent in a sealed envelope. This envelope shall be opened by the official during an interview, a meeting to be held at the Embassy of Canada or any of the consulates. The immigrant must take a series of documents in this interview.

Of these, there should be two copies of the application of a non-immigrant visa, a copy of the applicant's birth certificate, a copy of the marriage certificate of the couple, the sealed medical report, proof of the valid passport and a financially independent certificate.