Know More About Teflon And PTFE

PTFE comprises the prevalence of "king of synthetic". PTFE materials, such as Teflon mesh pad, PTFE Teflon film, and PTFE is extensively utilized in industrial areas like chemical, oil, food, textile, paper manufacture, medication, mechanical and electronic industry, in addition to the domain of marine operations.

1. The Application of Corrosion Resistance

PTFE material has a superb property of corrosion resistance so that it's already been the top corrosion-resistant materials in the oil, chemical, and textile sector. For more information about Teflon mesh visit

Meanwhile, because PTFE materials have properties of corrosion-resistance, anti-aging, low friction coefficient and not sticky, wide heat resistance range, decent elasticity, it can be used to produce the seal which needs a high degree of corrosion-resistance and may be utilized in temperature greater than 1 hundred levels, for example, heat exchanger, high-pressure boat, and drawbar seal etcetera.

2. Programs in Construction Industry

The Teflon film is the best selection for machinery components, which may lubricate themselves without oil, for the friction coefficient of the material is the lowest in most of the famous solid components. Its precise applications include utilized in chemical equipment, paper making machines, and it's also vastly utilized in the bridge, tunnel, bridge bearings, bridge swivels or something like them in civil construction technology.

3. Programs in Electronic and Electric Fields

The inherent properties of low loss and little permittivity enable PTFE tools to be built into lacquered cables, which are elements of micro motor, thermocouple, control apparatus and the like; PTFE Teflon film is the best insulation material in creating radio-insulated pad, capacitor, insulated cable, engine, and transformer.