Improving Safety With Crosswalk

In recent years, road safety has not been a major problem in many cities. But over time, due to the growth of cities, technology, and population, several methods to identify traffic and pedestrian paths have been practiced. Some of them are lines on the roads, colored decorative crosswalk and street lights.

New crosswalks improve pedestrian safety - Cayman Compass

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However, these measures are inadequate as they are often difficult to recognize, fade over time, and become obsolete as the population grows. Rules for drivers giving way to pedestrians are usually not followed unless there is a sign for application of the law.

Since then, many cities in the United States have taken the initiative to implement pedestrian safety. For example, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the person driving the vehicle must make way for the person crossing the road.

Devices such as retroreflective signs and raised sidewalks have been used to further improve the safety of pedestrian crossings. This has raised security awareness and the real impact of this initiative will be seen over time.

Adding signposts and trying to make the walkway more visible is only the beginning of pedestrian safety efforts. Public awareness and marketing strategies are essential to create safer walking conditions for citizens. Pedestrian safety is a major concern in most communities with hundreds of deaths preventable at intersections each year.