How To Eat More Fresh Foods

Research and common sense show you that fresh foods, as opposed to processed foods, contain vital nutrients to safeguard your health.

Diets rich in fresh foods give people more energy and help support weight loss and weight maintenance. Fresh vegetables and fruits can also slow the aging process. Choosing organic fresh foods is healthy not only for you and your body but for the environment as well.

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How can you eat more fresh Meals?

For those who are taking responsibility for their health care before they have to rely on the medical world for help, eating fresh foods can cut your risk of disease-caused-early-death by cancer, heart disease or other disorders by 20%.

Most health publications and research imply that individuals should eat five portions of vegetables and fruits per day. During your day, fresh vegetables should be the highest consumed fresh food, then fruits, then fresh fish and other lean meats, then fruits and then whole grains. The key is to make sure they’re at their peak of freshness.

Preparing each week for the meals ahead is a great way to be able to incorporate fresh foods into your daily meals quickly and easily. When you arrive home from grocery shopping spend a few hours prepping for the next week.

With commitment and planning, you can eat more fresh foods easily. Your heart, organs, muscles, and brain will respond with health and vitality. Take back your own health by eating more fresh foods every day.