How To Clone A Marijuana Plant

Cloning is a method of plant propagation by multiplying plants by pruning and rooting healthy shoots. This will create a branch. This is also known as "cutting".

The branch has only one parent and is the exact genetic copy of that parent. For many plant species in the wild, this can occur naturally through various processes.

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For example, if the strawberry plant releases the runners, the resulting baby strawberry plant is a real replica. Because of this natural ability, plant cloning is separate from the controversy and ethical debate surrounding animal cloning.

Marijuana Seeds: If you can't get a copy of a plant you admire and plan to plant, the next best thing is to get the genetics right by taking branded seeds from the manufacturer.

In cloning, humans have used this ability for thousands of years to select plants that have highly desirable properties such as high yields or great taste.

The cannabis maker is no different. The donor plant is often referred to as the "mother plant". Cloned cannabis is usually taken from the parent plant when it is in the vegetative phase.

Although they can be taken from your plant during flowering, the clones themselves must return to the "plant" stage and the necessary hormonal changes will slow down growth when the plant receives "confusing" signals.

Notice how similar all the marijuana plants are? This makes it easier to control growth and spacing.