How To Choose A Good Golf Training School?

When choosing a golf school, take into consideration it's ranking, teaching principles, the quality of its instructors, the facilities, format, and how it fits into your budget. Keep reading to learn about these factors and what goes into choosing a great golf school.

Golf School Rankings

One of the most popular golf school rankings is carried out by many magazines or online sources. However, if you are interested in school golf, you also have to see reviews of online students, writing in other golf magazines, and a list of school alumni. 

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Teaching principles

Ideally, you want to go to a school with a low teacher-to-student ratio or a golf school that combines group classes at lower prices, but is useful with individual lessons that are less frequent and one on one. Before registering at a golf school, ask about their teaching principles and make sure they match your personal learning style.

Instructor quality

Ask for your school instructor's name and qualification. Ideally, each instructor must be certified, preferably through PGA (professional golf association) or through the American Professional Golf Golf Association (PGTAA) or the United States Golf Teacher Federation (USGTF).

Being a professional PGA and PGA Instructor takes years of playing and internships. Being a PGA member starts with basic internships, then ends with a series of training programs and player talent tests. So, if your instructor or instructor at your school is certified PGA, you know they are qualified to teach.