Golf Driving Tip – Improve Your Golf Swing In US

When looking for golf driving tips to improve their game, many players often look to those who hope to help them hit the ball further than usual.

Golf Driving Tip 1 – Expand your position

If you really want to keep your distance while driving, you need to broaden your stance. This will make you more stable and will in turn increase the power of your swing as you pass to hit the ball. The best golf schools can provide you the top golf driving tips to improve your game.

When you're standing in a much wider stance than you normally would be, it's important to put some weight on your back foot at address (if you drop the stick to the ground before actually hitting the ball). This in turn ensures you have a much stronger reel when spinning the ball.

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Golf Driving Tip 2 – Extend your swing

It's important that you stretch as far as you can in your batting position, and then when you hit the ball again, the racket should go down in a slow, wide motion.

This stretches your arms further, which helps you pull your left shoulder further under your chin and stretches your lower back muscles wider as well.

Golf Driving Tips 3 – Muscle Condition

Golfers will often find that their struggles are ineffective because their muscles are not working, they are relaxed and weak. So if the player really wants to improve the way he moves the golf ball, then he needs to start participating in some kind of golf conditioning program that will help improve the condition of his muscles.