Few Advantages of Rubber Floor Tiles

Among the various types of flooring options, rubber flooring is considered as one among the best for its quality. It is basically made of rubber and is available in different formats.

This floor is found in homes, hospitals, near the swimming pool, leisure centres, laboratories, medical centres, institutions and retail stores. Constructive rubber tile work (Also known as “ งานกระเบื้องยางคอนดักทีฟ “ in the Thai Language) is an ideal choice for flooring applications. 

Border SBR Rubber Tiles

Some of the most important advantages of using this flooring include:

  • The floor is comfortable to walk on and has a springy action that makes it suitable for walking and standing for long periods. 
  • It is soft and comfortable, reducing the risk of leg injuries for long standing hours. Similarly, also known as anti-fatigue floor.
  • Rubber flooring is made from recycled material and therefore durable and strong.This flooring needs less maintenance.
  • This floor commonly used in hospitals and operating theatres that requires a clean surface to avoid the risk of disease transmission.
  • Now, mostly people install rubber tiles because it absorbs more sound than other flooring options. This is one reason why it is used in gyms and fitness centres.

Rubber tiles are also used in homes and offices. Because of this flooring option available in various colors and designs, used in the kitchen, bathroom, work area, playroom, bedroom, office and more.