Corrugated Packaging and Inkjet Printing A Step Towards Sustainability

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Wondering how the pandemic impacted shopping experiences? The percentage of online buyers sprouted in a year only. This further reduced the physical connection a brand has with its consumers with product packages as the only direct contact option left. Thus, brands are now exploring new ways to reach customers through attractive, appealing packaging solutions. And corrugated packaging is one such thing.

Using the Right Packaging

After several natural calamities worldwide, the focus has shifted more towards healthy and sustainable practices. In fact, a major percentage of people prefer brands that use recyclable cardboard and paper materials instead of other options. This gave rise to anotherhighly sustainable option, i.e., corrugated packaging.

A Quick Intro to Corrugated Packages

Corrugated boxes promise better sustainability and eco-friendliness than other materials available today. This comes from the fact that they have a strong story of sustainability and solid recycling infrastructure. On top of all, the recyclable boxes are already made with the use of recyclable materials like newspapers and cartons.This allows brands to connect to the health-friendly audiencebetter.

Use of Inkjet Printing on Corrugated Boxes

Traditionally, printing on corrugated materials used to be difficult using the inkjet technology with flexo printing the only option left. However, advances have allowed the creationof attractive corrugated packages using the printing technique.And brands are usingthis approach to reach and influence their customers through on-box marketing. High-quality results, variable data printing, faster printing, lower costs, and ease of use are further pushing the combination of inkjet and corrugated materials.

You can find samples of such products with printers in Redland Bay before finalizing the right packaging solution for your products.