Climate-Controlled Containers – Preserve Your Perishable Goods

Shipping is a complex, often stressful process. Delivery of perishable goods only adds another layer of complexity. Not only do you have to negotiate with operators and navigate the paperwork-riddled logistics puzzle, but you have to make sure the delivery occurs within a certain time frame, under certain conditions to protect your goods from plunder.

Fortunately, the climate-controlled storage containers can help you preserve perishable cargo during shipment. Using this amazing technology to control temperature and humidity you can freeze the decomposition process of your goods until they arrive safely at their final destination.

No matter if you are sending lettuce or cigars, furniture or medical equipment, your goods can be kept in pristine condition during shipping or even during the longest wait in the truck yard. This equipment can either be leased or bought through companies like coolroom for hire via

Here are the benefits of climate-controlled containers, and ways they preserve your long-lasting cargo.

1. Storage Leisure

Storage containers can be easily transported or delivered on a flatbed trailer. Because the climate control compressor plugs into any wall outlet, it can be stored in a warehouse, in your yard, or remain at a constant temperature and humidity during shipment.

2. Temperature Control

No matter what you are transporting or storing if it requires the right temperature range, can easily be achieved with a climate-controlled storage container. The containers can be kept as cold as 20 degrees Fahrenheit to over 100 degrees if desired. 

3. Humidity Control

Many of the ingredients are greatly threatened by the ravages of wide swings in humidity. For example, wood furniture absorbs and releases moisture as relative humidity increases and decreases. As it alternately swells and contracts, the gran fibres are misaligned, damaging the wood and causing fracturing or poor fit of wooden parts. With climate controlled storage containers, this damage can be easily avoided. Each unit will hold the moisture level of less than 70 per cent even if it is raining outside the container.